Glooples, or Green Glooples, are the most common enemy faced in the nest. Unlike most of life on the planet, Glooples are alcohol based instead of water based. They consume by rolling over the desired object and absorbing it into their system. They appear to have no special purpose in the nest, and they are often victims to the more powerful glooples' attacks. Green Glooples have no special way of attacking, and the only threat they pose is temporarily stunning a person, which gives a chance for another gloople to attack.

Through a process known as reverse mitoses, these Green Glooples can fuse with another Green Gloople to become a more intimidating Oozle.


There is not any one way do deal with Green Glooples. Since they pose no threat, all you have to do is ignore them and they will literally run off the screen, causing no harm. Occasionally, you may have to kill them so they don't bump you. If this is the case, try to kill them with other glooples in one swing to increase the score multiplier. However, prevent them from bumping into each other. They may form an Oozle at any time.